Here at Gina International Travel, we would love to send more women abroad to study and gain the knowledge they need for a breakthrough in research or simply just to extract creativity from beautiful minds not given the chance to flourish. What if I told you that innovative solutions are stuck in the minds of underprivileged women in our American society? What if the women already immersed in these fields are on the brink of a breakthrough in research to avoid future pandemics worse than COVID-19 but lack the funding and knowledge to find the last missing piece of the puzzle? How would you feel if you could be the one to change this by catapulting a young woman’s educational experience to a level that helps save millions of lives, better our lifestyles, and somehow, increase your own wealth? The future of our world rests in students’ hands. And with your generation donation, we can make our world a better place by investing in our women’s futures.


This grant will be awarded to underprivileged women who lack the financial assets needed to help them travel for educational purposes. Race, religion, sexual orientation is of no matter. We celebrate the diversity of women here. Below are some further requirements for this grant:

*Age: 16 to 30

*Nationality: American

*GPA of 2.7 (If enrolled)

*2 – Paged Essay (Self Introduction and Study Plan for Travel)

*Send a 2 to 5 minute video for a self-introduction (Optional)


We’re prepared to provide up to $5,000 per grant depending on the needs expressed in the essay. If the board sees that full need is required by the applicant, then it shall be given.